this is where the title goes

i’m learning.  it hurts. you’d think after this long i would get used to the stretching, retching feelings of growing up, but no.  each little spurt, rather, sends me into yet another undignified… Continue reading

lost and found

perhaps the greatest mystery of my childood is: what happened to my left shoe? every summer my mother would take us to the sale at nordstrom to pick out school clothes for the fall.  we… Continue reading

an ode to the AM

i’m a daytime person though this is an up-all-night realm.  and ever since my college days, that silly fact has been yet another source of insecurity, and another truth about myself that i’ve… Continue reading

these rooms.

she walked in here with the awkward confidence of a person who doesn’t apologize for her quirks, but giggles about them, which makes me want to be her best friend.  she’s not particularly… Continue reading


trauma gets me thinking.  thinking gets me writing. so here i am to tell you in a very roundabout way about a minor trauma i experienced lately. while i may not look like… Continue reading

the oversharer

(don’t worry, the irony of posting a blog with this title is not lost on me.) i am not good at secrets. though my mother asserts that i was an incredibly private child,… Continue reading

not my style.

i haven’t been working on anything. i haven’t been researching…haven’t been chewing on any particularly crunchy concepts…haven’t been wrestling with any behemoth-like ideas…haven’t been dreaming up fantastical tales to capture the attentions and… Continue reading

someday when i’m old…

once a year my mother, the most adorable human being on the planet, challenges her class of squirrelly 9 year olds to think about their futures.  if there’s anything i’ve declared, it’s that… Continue reading

directions to neverland.

i have never wanted to grow up.  at least, not since it started being something that seemed like it might actually happen. when i was little, i remember that my greatest goal in… Continue reading

of gods and nerds.

sometimes i can pretend to be a normal, well-adjusted, not crazy nerd person.  but then sometimes i go to readings/book signings of my favorite fantasy author, and the whole facade of normalcy just… Continue reading